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Multi Camera Shooting

There are times when the client has a very specific vision of what they want their video to look like. It is times like these that you tailor your production footprint to match those needs. Multi camera presentations are a perfect example of this. Here we are on location in Colorado Springs shooting an end of year Dance Recital for Jillian's School of Dance. The production requirements included two cameras - one in a full wide shot and the other in close up allowing you to "punch-in" to the close up for even more detail and emotion during the performance.

You see this exact method of production used in the myriad of talent-show type porgrams the networks now carry. The single greatest challenge to this method of shooting is having both cameras match in color and feel. Both of these cameras are Panasonic P2s which make that process easier. One is a full size 2/3" broadcast camera (far side) while the other is the smaller 1/3" version. Careful white balancing of both cameras is critical to having color match. Using the color correction tools in your editing program (like Adobe Creative Suite) allows precise tuning to match both shots. This gives your clients the look they need, while at the same time, flexes your creative muscles.

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