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Corporate Videos 


Corporate video is about getting the right message to the right audience.  And from crafting your message, to package and delivery, to cost and ROI evaluation, TSH VIDEO leverages the power of High Definition Video with the impact of web delivery to deliver your message on-time, on-target and on-budget. Imagine what a custom-crafted, professional, direct to consumer message can do for your business!   Sales Videos, Product Demonstrations, Training Videos, Testimonials, Video emails, Web Commercials, infomercials and educational messages are just a few of the tools I can provide you with to make your advertising and promotional dollars perform.  


And whether your message is thirty seconds or thirty minutes, no job is too large or too small.  From the studio or from on-location,

TSH VIDEO can bring your ideas to life.  

In this clip, Dr. Sean Innerst of the Archdiocese of Denver, teaches Mystagogy.  This is a condensed sample of my multi-camera technical direction.         Video courtesy of the Augustine Institute.  

Produced for The Archdiocese of Denver  this is Episode Four of an eight part series on Catechesis Training.  Shot entirely on the campus of the JP2 Center in Denver.  This is an example of long form EFP.

           Video Courtesy of Archdiocese of Denver 

The Colorado Authors League was looking for a promotional video to be created that they would use on their website to attract both authors and fans to their Book Festival.  Shot entirely on location at the Denver Public Library, this is a example of a short form package created from raw footage.

         Video Courtesy of Colorado Authors League

SwimLabs trains people of all ages proper swim technique.  In this example, we see one of their instructors training a child on the Backstroke.  

                Video is courtesy of SwimLabs, Inc.

Professional Speaker and lecturer Rachel Kodanaz speaks about managing serious life issues...

This video was part of a corporate training series for Cottage Care.  

              Video is courtesy of Cottage Care, Inc.  

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