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This is a great example of crafting shallow depth of field with prime lenses and ND filters.  Here are two back to back examples of Archbishop Samuel Aquila delivering specialized messages.   Camera is a Panasonic HPX-3100 with a ZEISS T1.7 40mm DigiPrime lens.

Here best-selling author Rachel Kodanaz presents a encapsulated view of how she addresses "Living with Loss" in the modern era. 

This is a good example of the classic "direct-to-camera" approach.  Simple strong side lighting scheme and three point set-up separates subject from background.

This was a last-minute request to shoot a Memorial Service for a person with relatives overseas.  It demonstrates solid ENG type videography using existing light and terrain to tell a touching story visually.  

This CEO wanted to create a direct message video to be used on his website. Shot in his high rise apartment, I used light from the window as strong side key, with a Mole Midget with diffusion for the backlight.  Simple, direct two point location light set-up.  

Spotlighting "Colorado Gives Day" is a great way for non profits and small businesses to create and get their message out to the public.  This P.S.A. was shot using classic single camera ENG techniques. 

Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila was captured giving an impromptu news conference on the steps of the Colorado Capital building.  Using a spot news shooting style, we convey his responses cleanly and without clutter.  

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