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Dealing with the Pandemic

History will note the seriousness of the Corona virus pandemic during the Spring of 2020. Overnight our traditional way of doing things was challenged to the core, forcing immediate and drastic changes to the way we have always done things, creating chaos and confusion. For many people things may never be the same again. But in the face of this challenge, our creativity in message crafting and delivery have opened new doors in how we deal with the virus. Social distancing, limitations on gatherings, etc., have ushered in new ways of communication. In delivering video, livestreaming has become a household word. This is certainly true for the Catholic Church in Colorado, suspending all in-person Masses to curtail the spread of the airborne virus. In Denver, the Archdiocese of Denver enacted a multi-pronged campaign through its websites and social media outlets to get the Word of God out to the people. Masses were Livestreamed simultaneously across multiple platforms to viewers throughout Lent and the Easter season.

The Archdiocese of Denver reached out to TSHVideo to provide consistent Livestream production and fulfillment as well as other recordings. Here we see Archbishop Aquila leading a Livestream mass from the St. John Paul II Center in Denver. For many Livestreaming is a great alternative to getting your message across to your audience. TSHVideo can help you get your message out as well. Just drop us an email, and let's get started!

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