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Beyond the Viewfinder

My name is Travis Haynie and I am a professional videographer, husband and father of three. I've been shooting, editing and producing professional video since I was 23 years old.  What I do is capture high-value special events and throughout my career, I have worked "above-the-line," and "below-the-line" as producer, director, editor, and cameraman.  I know what it takes to capture more than just video.  
To make your video memorable, it takes more than simple framing, exposure, focus, and recording.  Those are functions.  To make your video special, it's about capturing the meaning and essence of an event, and gathering those special moments together in time means going beyond the viewfinder.  
Understanding how events flow, knowing where you need to be to capture them and especially knowing and having the best tools to capture them with --- are all apart of my skillset . This enables me to record what's most important to you.  And whether it's a wedding, sporting event, performance, presentation, commercial or other key event, you don't get a second chance for a second take.  You have to get it right the first time.  And that's what I do. 
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