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Paparazzi Moments...


On location for the Institute of Liberal Catholic Education for a training seminar!

The Archdiocese of Denver was the location for this specialized long format shoot using the Panasonic AG-HPX3100 

Preparing for an afternoon of NCAA Division ! Women's roundball with an all new Hitachi Z5500 camera package!  

The Canon C300 with its full frame Super 35 mm imager  coupled with Canon Cine Prime lenses give a superb look when shooting green screen in 4K

Spring of each new year brings a new crop of  college graduates!  Here TSHVideo shoots Graduation Ceremonies for the University of Northern Colorado. 

Shooting a training video for SwimLabs at their corporate training facility.  The pool is illuminated by Mole Richardson lighting pushed through CinePro and Chimera Softboxes.   

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