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Delivering Joy during the Pandemic

There is no doubt that the Global Pandemic of 2020 has left an indelible mark on all of us.

From economic pain, to social upheaval, to political chaos, COVID-19 has left a trail of destruction in it's path. And no where is that more apparent -and overlooked, than in our senior population.

Forced into isolation and physically cut off from loved ones, our seniors have suffered tremendous hardships during this horrid time. So in order to keep their spirits up as well as provide for their health and mental well-being senior centers around the country have adapted to provide critical services while their operational playing field was in a constant state of flux. Social interaction as well as physical participation is the cornerstone of good health for our senior citizens. Yet despite being shuttered during various state mandated lock-downs, Senior Centers adapted on-the-fly to a more proactive approach to program and content delivery. The Castle Rock Senior Activity Center is one such center. Using a virtual approach and modifying existing programs, applications like ZOOM were adapted and utilized in all new creative ways, pioneering new methods of providing their senior members with opportunities to battle both Covid fatigue and interact with each other.

For Christmas 2020, TSHVIDEO was contracted to provide video and audio support for a special zoom meeting based performance of the Denver Dolls Trio for the Seniors of Douglas County Colorado. Performing a specialized set of period correct songs to the camera, we "livestreamed" their performance to CRSAC members across Castle Rock and Douglas County. TSHVideo provided the broadcast-quality video and audio head in that gave the members of the CRSAC a blast of holiday joy. And for many, bringing a dose of holiday cheer at the end of a really hard year was a welcomed change of pace. TSHVideo can provide all manner of professional video services for whatever you need to do and whoever you need to reach. Send us an email to find out how professional video can do more than you expect!

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