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There is a thrill that happens, at the moment when the play breaks loose.  Suddenly the roar comes up from the crowd, and you are swept up in it, and your heart beats faster and your breath gets caught in your throat.  And that's why sports video is like no other type of video.  


There is no reason for you to stress about getting it with your cell phone or tablet, just enjoy the moment and leave the capture to me.  I have covered Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, LaCrosse, and even specialized sports like Gymnastics, Cheer, and even Karate!   From High School to Collegiate, and from indoor to outdoor, I can capture those moments for you seamlessly.  


So if you have an athlete you want covered, or have a game shot, or even want to create a custom recruitment video, let me know. Great moments in sports are few and far between but having it on professional high definition video is something that you will treasure last long after the crowd has died down.  


This is a special submission video done exclusively for the University of Northern Colorado Cheer team.  

Here is Rock Canyon High School's Cheer Team at last year's 5A State Championship.   

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