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Tailoring your Message

The Corona-virus pandemic has created an explosion of new video across the web. It seems that overnight groups from every sector are crafting messages to reach their audience via Livestream, Zoom, Facebook Live, Twitter, etc,. And while the content may be different, they all share the same common denominator - trying to control and shape the message. But doing that effectively takes experience and know how, especially in on-location production. One example is the Archdiocese of Denver, who have been taking full advantage of technology to craft an all new audience for the Word of God - Livestream viewers.

Due to pandemic restrictions on in-person gatherings, organizations like the Archdiocese, are turning to web based streaming to reach their audiences in new and innovative ways. So how well that message is crafted is directly tied to how successful the message is received. Quality of production and presentation are essential to make your message stand out in sea of online communications.

In direct A to B streaming you want your viewers to focus on what is being said without annoyance or distractions. The classic method for doing this is tailoring your video so everything works towards one goal, having your viewers focus on what is being said. All the visual elements of your composition should enhance that effort. In this example, I used the converging lines of a hallway coupled with precise lighting control and depth of field to frame Archbishop Aquila's message.

In this shoot, the Key lighting was a 1K Mole Richardson "Mickey-Mole" (with softbox and dichroic glass filter balancing the daylight from the window) and a 300w Mole "in betweenie" with full CTB gel for backlighting. The camera was a Panasonic HPX-3100 along with a Zeiss 40mm Digiprime lens for the optics. Set up took less than 15 minutes and the result was stunning.

Your organization can also benefit from top notch video production, so when you are ready to take your message to the next level, send me an email and see what TSHVideo can do for you.

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