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Corporate Video: Crafting a Unique Message...

Shooting a corporate video is not like shooting anything else. Corporate videos are a special kind of communication intended to either train the viewer or to provoke a direct call to action. These videos will seek to either inform or seek to sell. In either case, the video itself needs it's own unique look and feel. This is where your tool-set as a Videographer or Director of Photography can really shine. Unlike spur of the moment special events, you have the time to really set your shot, craft your lighting and make people look great. In this example, balancing the color temperature of the existing light from the skylights above with the supplemental fluorescent light already present in the room was of great importance.

Using a classic three point, strong side lighting scheme, I crafted the look with two softboxes driven by a Mickey-Mole on screen right and a Teenie-Mole, screen left. The Mickey-Mole is a superb 1000 watt soft fill light strong enough (when used with a softbox) to be the key while the Teenie-Mole (400 watt) works as a super soft fill.

The separation provided by the back light is handled by a Mole-Midget (which is a 200 watt Fresnel) mounted high overhead on a C-stand with an arm. In this shot you can see the highlight on the shoulder and the suspended light in the background.

The look that corporate video provides must be used to drive the message. Every single element in the shot deserves attention, since all of it conveys specific information. My job is to make sure that the right message is delivered at the right time.

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