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Unique Wedding Venues

With Summer naturally comes the wedding season, and among many considerations for couples during the planning stage is cost. With the average wedding in the United States today costing upwards of @$30K, and since most couples aren't made of money - the question soon arises as to how to control cost and still have a memorable wedding event. This is where location of the wedding can really come into play. Unusual or "off-the-beaten-path" kind of places really shine and can save you money as well.

River Bend, Lyons Co.

Our first example is River Bend off main street in Lyons, Colorado. River Bend is totally unique in that it offers a well defined, spacious, and inviting place wrapped in a solid canyon wall with a river running along the base of the wall for a quarter of a mile or more. Here, our couple from Philadelphia wanted to create a destination wedding but also had to maintain a strict budget. River Bend offered a quiet, wide-open kind of feel that gave their guests a taste of what Colorado is all about.

Another great venue is the Foote Lagoon in the City of Loveland, Co. This is a city owned, unique location that features a center concrete pad in the middle of the lagoon. It is completely surrounded by water in an open-air style amphitheatre environment. It offers extremely easy access in and out and is visually stunning to look at. Here our couple tied the knot and had their reception next door at the Chilson Senior Center for @200 guests.

Foote Lagoon, City of Loveland

All in one locations are also another great way to save money and have a picturesque place for your wedding. The Tapestry House in Laporte, Co is an all-in-one venue that offers turnkey services from wedding to reception in a controlled environment surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Tapestry House Laporte, Co

So saving money doesn't have to mean having a boring place for your wedding. Some creative thinking, a little research, and word of mouth can go a long way to saving your money and creating a really memorable wedding event. TSHVideo can also make your event that much more special by capturing these great places for you in full high definition video. Happy Planning!

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