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Ceremony Only Wedding Videos

You don't always have to capture the entire wedding day. In fact, there are times when the Bride and Groom are simply looking for the Ceremony only. In many cases these are last minute situations where someone important can't make the wedding in person. For Katy and David, this was exactly the case.

The Bride had approached me and asked if I could put together a very special wedding package for them. Knowing that this would be a full rites Roman Catholic wedding with communion, I jumped at the opportunity to be of service.

An arrangement like this does two things, first, it allows the Bride and Groom to have their ceremony captured without the expense of a full day booking, and second it allowed me to craft a wedding celebratory story using the Church as the main focus. This celebration would have three parts, the preparation at the Church of the Bride and Groom, the full wedding ceremony and the concluding family pictures at the Church.

For our couple this arrangement was ideal, and you too can also have the ideal arrangment for your

own wedding video. Just reach out and I would be happy to create for you a wedding video you will be proud to show and tell for years to come.

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